YLW Leadership Team

Kelowna International Airport (YLW) is the largest municipally owned airport in Canada. YLW has been operated by the City of Kelowna since its inception in 1946.

The Airport Chief Executive Officer is an officer of the City, and has overall responsibility for airport management and operations. City Council ultimately makes the final decisions concerning airport management and operations.

Kelowna City Council

The City of Kelowna is governed by an elected Council comprised of a Mayor and eight Councillors. Councillors are elected for four-year terms and each member represents the city at large.

Mayor: Tom Dyas

Councillors: Ron Cannan, Maxine DeHart, Charlie Hodge, Gord Lovegrove, Mohini Singh, Luke Stack, Rick Webber, and Loyal Wooldridge.

Airport Advisory Committee

The Airport Advisory Committee is a standing committee of Kelowna City Council, established to ensure participation from local business and community interests within the region serviced by the airport. The committee makes recommendations to council regarding airport operations and development. Committee members are appointed by Kelowna City Council, councils representing other local governments in the airport region, and various community and business groups. Committee members serve for four-year terms coinciding with the term of office for council members.

Airport Management Team

Sam Samaddar head shot

 Sam Samaddar
Chief Executive Officer
 Phone: 250-807-4301
 Email: ssamaddar@kelowna.ca

Shayne Dyrdal head shot

Shayne Dyrdal
Director, Finance & Corporate Services 
Phone: 250-807-4303
Email: sdyrdal@kelowna.ca

Phillip Elchitz head shot

Phillip Elchitz
Director, Operations & Innovation
Phone: 250-807-4304
Email: pelchitz@kelowna.ca

Geoff Ritchie head shot

Geoff Ritchie
Director, Commercial & Air Service
Phone: 250-807-4308
Email: gritchie@kelowna.ca

Neil Drachenberg head shot

Neil Drachenberg
Senior Manager, Safety & Security 
Phone: 250-807-4306
Email: ndrachenberg@kelowna.ca

James Hall head shot

James Hall
Senior Manager, Operations 
Phone: 250-807-4305
Email: jhall@kelowna.ca

Mark Stella
Senior Manager, Operations & Emergency Services  
Phone: 250-807-4318
Email: mstella@kelowna.ca

William Lampard
Senior Manager, Airport Development
Phone: 250-317-1927
Email: wlampard@kelowna.ca

Toni McQueenie
Manager, Corporate Services 
Phone: 250-807-4310
Email: tmcqueenie@kelowna.ca

Steve Smith 
Chief - Airport Operations & Fire
Phone: 250-807-4319
Email: ssmith@kelowna.ca

Joe Yakimchuk head shot

Joe Yakimchuk
Airport Project Manager
Phone: 250-807-4322
Email: jyakimchuk@kelowna.ca

Henry Castorf
Airport Project Manager
Phone: 250-807-4307

Lori Seeman head shot

Lori Seemann
Project Coordination Manager
Phone: 250-807-4346
Email: lseemann@kelowna.ca

Jeff Monk head shot

Jeff Monk
Manager, Groundside and Terminal 
Phone: 250-807-4325
Email: jmonk@kelowna.ca

Tonja Molina
Manager, Commercial Development 
Phone: 250-317-3053
Email: tmolina@kelowna.ca 

Parth Patel
Finance Manager
Phone: 250-807-4309 
Email: ppatel@kelowna.ca

For YLW media inquiries, please call 250-317-0579.