Drones & filming

Drone Safety

YLW is a no-drone zone. 

Drone and personal aircraft usage laws are strictly monitored and enforced at YLW. These laws help us ensure that we keep people and aircraft safe—at all times. 

As of June 1, 2019, new Transport Canada regulations apply to all remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operating in Canadian airspace. Owners of RPAs (also known as drones or UAVs) must follow the requirements for operating their RPA in each class of Canadian airspace. For more information and to obtain authorization, visit NAV CANADA.

If you use a recreational aircraft such as a drone, be sure to make yourself aware of the rules and penalties in effect for flying around the airport. More information is available at canada.ca/drone-safety.

Film permits

Prior approval is required for any film shoot requesting use of YLW. Please contact our Administration Team at airport@kelowna.ca for more information. 

A Film Permit is required for any film shoot requesting use of other City of Kelowna properties, including parks, facilities, roadways, sidewalks, and other locations as identified. More information is available on the City's website.