Kelowna International Airport (YLW) is committed to helping passengers who face everyday challenges by removing barriers and offering additional services. 

Accessibility questions or requests

Passengers with special needs can contact YLW's Administration Office with any questions about the services or amenities listed below on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We encourage everyone who requires special assistance to inform their airline and pre-arrange ground transportation for their specific needs.

Airport amenities

YLW strives to maintain a welcoming and accessible facility. Amenities include:

  • Accessible parking stalls
  • Automatic doors
  • Covered loading bridges
  • Accessible washrooms
  • Accessible ground transportation options 
  • Mobilift® and passenger loading ramps
  • Elevators and ramped walkways

Terminal map

Parking, pick up and drop off

  • Accessible parking is available in the rows closest to the terminal, in the short- and long-term lots.
  • Designated curbside areas are available in front of the terminal for dropping off passengers with disabilities. Designated areas are located at meeting areas #1 and #6 outside of the terminal. 
  • Curbside assistance is available for people who require wheelchair, baggage or assistance from the curb into the terminal check-in area. For more information, call Security at 250-212-6955 or at
  • We encourage travellers to pre-arrange curbside assistance, if possible. Please call Security upon arrival in the designated area. 
  • YLW also offers a Temporary Accessible Parking Permit Program, which allows travellers to take their current accessible parking permit with them as they travel, so it can be used at their destination. A permit can be picked up from the booth in the Short-term Parking Lot. For more information, call 778-753-3735.

Parking Map

Arrival and check-in

  • Airport terminal entrances are equipped with automated sliding doors.
  • Self-serve check-in kiosks are located at check-in areas throughout the terminal.
  • The terminal is equipped with designated priority self-service check-in kiosks for persons with disabilities.
  • Lowered check-in ticket counter ledges have been incorporated into the counters for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Wheelchairs are available at the airline check-in counters or by request of an Airport Ambassador.

Security screening and personal assistance

  • Security staff are located throughout the terminal to assist passengers, if required. They provide site security services, offer directions, can identify locations of TTY telephones, and assist with obtaining wheelchairs.
  • Security Escort Passes are available at the airline check-in counter. These temporary passes allow for a family member or aid to escort a passenger in need of special assistance through security to their departure gate. The escort must have valid photo identification and will be required to undergo the same security screening as the traveller. 
  • Our specially trained Airport Ambassadors are also available to escort passengers with special needs through pre-board screening into the departures area. Please note: The Ambassador program is currently suspended due to COVID-19.
  • Wheelchair service is available by the airline from the check-in area to the departure gate and onto the aircraft. Please let your airline know in advance, if possible. Electric cart service is not available.
  • Accessible inter-terminal transportation is not applicable at YLW as the airport has only one terminal. 
  • Additional information about the screening process can be obtained from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) website.

Animal Relief Area

YLW has two Animal Relief Areas available for those travelling with a service animal or pet. Animal Relief Areas are accessible before and after security, so those travelling with service animals or pets do not need to exit the terminal and re-enter through security.

  • Before security –  located outside of the centre entrance to the terminal.
  • After security –  located at the washrooms across from the boarding gates.

These  areas are signed and equipped with waste bags and receptacles.

Additional services

  • Accessible ground transportation can be provided by many of our car rental agencies, taxi and shuttle companies. Please book in advance to ensure availability. Rental car agencies also offer the option of hand controls with advanced booking (at least 48 hours notice). For a list of accommodating companies and their contact information, please visit our Transportation page.
  • ATMs are equipped with tactile markers and are wheelchair accessible. 
  • Autism Travel Resources: YLW has partnered with Canucks Autism Network to develop a resource kit to assist families and individuals living with autism. Access the kit.
  • Elevators provide access to the second floor Administration Office and the Observation Area. 
  • Language assistance can be provided in most circumstances. Contact Airport Administration to inquire about employees or volunteers that speak various languages, including sign language.
  • Luggage carousels are equipped with baggage belt start-up alarms and indicator lights.
  • Text TeleType (TTY) is located in the arrivals area (adjacent to baggage claim #1) and near the business centre in the departures lounge. All telephones have heightened transmission capabilities for the hearing impaired.
  • Washrooms are located throughout the terminal and are equipped with accessible features such as: wheelchair accessible stalls equipped with toilet seat back support, support bars and emergency call button/alarms, automated soap and paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles at appropriate heights for wheelchair accessibility, and braille signage.


We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming travel experience to everyone who visits YLW. Do you have feedback that would help us remove barriers and or provide additional services to improve your experience? Let us know at or by phone at 250-807-4300.

Complaints can be directed to Airport Administration by phone at 250-807-4300 or email at

If your complaint is not resolved, the Canadian Transportation Agency offers a dispute resolution service. YLW's training program is available to those who request it.

Additional resources


YLW is subject to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATDPR), portions of which come into effect June 25, 2020 with other portions being postponed to December 31, 2020.

YLW's obligations under the Act are included in the following sections: 

Part 1 - Requirements Applicable to Transportation Service Providers

Schedule 1 - Training Program Information

YLW has a training program as outlined in Schedule 1. For more information, please contact Airport Administration by phone at 250-807-4300 or email at