In an effort to help those impacted by the BC highway closures, YLW is offering discounted parking for those who have been forced to fly home and leave their vehicle at YLW. Please contact for more information.

​Parking areas are fully lit, patrolled by security and equipped with accessible parking. Tap to pay is available at all parking lot exits, at the cashier booth in the short-term lot or at the pay-on-foot machines in the terminal.

Parking map

Short- and Long-Term Lots — New Touchless Payment

Keep your parking ticket right on your phone! Download the TIBA Mobile Access app directly to your apple or android device and follow these simple steps:

  • Entry: use the Bluetooth feature or scan the QR code to enter the short- or long-term parking lots.
  • Exit: use the Bluetooth feature or scan the QR code and complete payment with your debit or credit card using the pay machine.


Short-Term Lot

  • The short-term lot is open and short-term rates will apply: $1.75 for the first hour and $2.75 for each additional hour, up to $21.00 daily. 
  • Cash, credit and debit payments are accepted at the ticket booth from 5:30 a.m. until a half hour after the last flight.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted in the express lane for vehicles departing after closing.
  • YLW no longer offers free 15-minute parking in this lot. Please use the Cell Phone Waiting Area, located next to Esso at Airport Plaza, if you are waiting to pick up a passenger.
  • Download the TIBA Mobile Access app to your apple or android device for touchless entry and exit. 

Long-Term Lot

  • The Long-Term parking lot is open and long-term rates will apply: $1.75 for the first hour and $2.75 for every additional hour, up to $14 daily. Weekly rate of $70.
  • Credit and debit payments are accepted at the exit gate.
  • Cash payments are accepted at the short-term ticket booth from 5:30 a.m. until a half hour after the last flight.
  • Download the TIBA Mobile Access app to your apple or android device for touchless entry and exit. 

Curbside parking

YLW has introduced a new app-based contactless payment option for airport parking. Customers can now use the PayByPhone mobile app to pay for parking at meters located along the front curb, across from the terminal and at the south parking lot (previously Valet parking).

Using the PayByPhone app is easy. After you park at a meter, download the app (if you don't already have it on your smartphone), enter your parking location and length of stay, and pay directly through the app. Before a parking session expires, the app will send you a text reminder to extend your parking session remotely, rather than having to return to your car to feed the meter. For more information, visit

  • Curbside parking is available on the left side of the road in front of the terminal building.
  • The rate is $2 per 30 minutes.
  • Purchase a ticket from a meter or use the PayByPhone app and select location 15540.
  • Please note: Vehicles that park in the active passenger loading zone area will be towed.

Cell Phone Waiting Area

Avoid circling the terminal while you wait for your party to arrive.

The Cell Phone Waiting Area is a free parking lot located beside Esso at Airport Plaza. Wait in the lot until your party lets you know they're ready to be picked up.  

Electric vehicle charging stations

There are four electric vehicle charging stations at the Cell Phone Waiting Area, located off Airport Way.

Two fast charging stations can charge a compact electric vehicle in about a half an hour, as compared to a Level-2 stations that requires about three to four hours. The Level-2 chargers are $1.50 per hour, and the fast chargers cost $9 per half hour.

cell phone waiting area map

Valet parking - open effective Nov. 8

Valet parking service is available whether you are gone for a day, a week or longer!

Passengers arriving by personal vehicle can drive to the valet kiosk at the south entrance of the terminal building. Once you have handed your keys to the valet attendants and provided flight information, you are free to catch your flight!  Upon returning to YLW your car will be waiting near the valet kiosk.
Please note: If there are changes to your return flight, please call   (778) 753-3735 

A fee of $20 will be added to the final cost of your parking stay using long-term parking rates. Daily long-term rates are $1.75 for the first hour and $2.75 for every additional hour, up to $14 daily maximum, and a weekly rate of $70.

Complete this form to make a reservation for your next trip!

For more information, please visit or call  (778) 753-3735 

Gold Pass program

The Gold Pass parking program is available for frequent travellers. This pass enables passengers to buy a 6-month pass (rate as of December 1st, 2018 is  $1,025.00). This then allows for unlimited prepaid parking for one duly registered vehicle, in the short-term parking lot. 

Gold Pass Parking Request Form

For more information about this program, visit the Royal Star parking booth in the short-term lot, call 250-765-5612 or visit the

Accessible Parking

Accessible drop-off locations are available in front the terminal building. Accessible parking is available in the rows closest to the terminal building, in the short- and long-term lots. See the parking map.

YLW also offers a Temporary Accessible Parking Permit Program. This program allows travellers to take their current Accessible Parking Permit with them as they travel, so it can be used at their destination. A permit can be picked up from the Airport Valet Booth. To pick up your permit, call 778-753-3735.

Long-term lot shuttle - not operating

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the long-term shuttle is unavailable until further notice.