Passenger Rights

At the Kelowna International Airport (YLW), we are committed to upholding the rights and privileges established by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) to ensure a seamless and stress-free travel experience for all air passengers within Canada.  

Know Your Rights  

If you encounter any issues during your journey, such as delayed or cancelled flights, denied boarding, tarmac delays, lost or damaged baggage your first course of action should be to communicate directly with your airline to seek resolution. In case your concerns are not addressed satisfactorily, you have the option to file a formal complaint with the CTA. The CTA facilitates complaints and works towards resolution through mediation and facilitation.  


Air Passenger Protection website  
Canadian Transportation Agency Air Passenger Protection Regulations Highlights  

We thank you for choosing YLW for your travel needs and assure you of our commitment to delivering an exceptional travel experience. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our staff is always ready to help. Your journey, your rights – we're here to support you every step of the way.