CATSA to begin temperature screening at YLW

September 16, 2020
News release

Starting on September 23, 2020, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) screeners will begin temperature screening all passengers before they depart from Kelowna International Airport (YLW). This is in addition to the health screening questions and the wearing of face coverings already required for all travellers.

“Temperature screening is an added layer of precaution to protect employees, passengers and the greater community, and to help prevent air travel from being a source for the spread of COVID-19,” said Airport Director, Sam Samaddar. “Many of the airlines operating at YLW and at airports across the country already conduct temperature checks of their passengers. By integrating this process into pre-board security screening, passengers will be more accustomed to the new screening process and know what to expect when they are ready to travel.”

A temperature screening station will be placed in the pre-board security screening area, and all passengers will have their temperature taken by either a temperature scanning camera stationed two metres away or by a contactless, hand-held thermometer. Any passenger who has a temperature at or above 38 degrees Celsius on the first screening will be asked to wait for 10 minutes in a nearby designated waiting area, unless they present a medical certificate indicating that an elevated temperature is not due to COVID-19 (a negative COVID-19 test is not sufficient). A passenger whose temperature remains at or above 38 degrees Celsius after a second reading will not be permitted to continue their travel and will be asked to re-book their travel after 14 days.

Employees working in the restricted area of the airport will also be subject to temperature screening procedures by CATSA personnel. Employees will undergo the same process as passengers and will not be permitted to enter the screening checkpoint for 14 days if their temperature remains at or above 38 degrees Celsius after a second reading.

Temperature screening at YLW is part of the Government of Canada’s phased approach to protect Canadians and help prevent air travel from being a source for the spread of the virus during the pandemic. On July 30, temperature screening stations were placed in the departure section of the four major airports: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montréal.

In addition to YLW, temperature screening will begin at the next 11 busiest airports by September 30, which includes: St. John’s, Halifax, Québec City, Ottawa, Toronto – Billy Bishop, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Victoria.

To ensure the journey through YLW is easy, stress-free and as safe as possible, passengers are reminded to:

  • check-in online from home
  • wear a mask or face covering before entering the terminal
  • bring any necessary medical documentation
  • monitor for signs of illness, and postpone travelling if feeling sick
  • avoid coming to the airport if unwell

For more tips for a healthy and safe trip, visit

Visit the CATSA website to learn more about temperature checks.