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Airport development

YLW is expanding the airport to better meet the needs of our growing region. Our multi-year expansion plans include our largest terminal expansion to date, new parking options, safety and sustainability upgrades, and much more.

Between 2019 and 2029, YLW will invest over $240 million in upgrades to airport infrastructure. The expansion is funded through airport revenues and Airport Improvement Fees and is not funded by tax dollars.

There are more than 30 significant projects planned for 2019. These projects contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable passenger experience at YLW and include:

Air terminal expansion

In 2019, YLW will begin Phase 1 and 2 of the design of a new south terminal.

Phase 1 includes:

  • expanded Departures Lounge to improve connections to aircraft gates and increase food and beverage options
  • expanded security screening area to reduce the time it takes to clear security
  • new direct access to south gates for departing and arriving passengers
  • new loading bridge at Gate 2 to accommodate more aircraft
  • improved wayfinding

Phase 2 includes:

  • expanded terminal building for relocated domestic arrivals area with new baggage carousels
  • repurposed existing arrivals area to accommodate larger area for international arrivals and CBSA
  • further expansion of the Departures Lounge to increase capacity
  • relocated rental car, shuttle and tourism booths
Air terminal roof replacement

We're replacing the roof on the terminal building as it has reached end-of-life. Roof work will continue over several phases, and once complete, 48,000 square feet of roofing will be replaced.

Upgrades include:

  • A new roof and waterproof membrane

  • Upgrades to insultation to improve energy savings

Construction work will continue from July to September 2019, 2020 and 2021

Long-term parking lot expansion

In 2019, YLW will develop new parking areas to accommodate more vehicle parking at the airport.

The expansion includes:

  • 600 new parking stalls for use by valet

  • paving 500 existing spaces that are currently gravel

  • installation of new LED lighting, security cameras and phone stations
Airport Way improvements

This year, YLW is widening the sidewalk from the arrivals area to the west parking lot to improve pedestrian access for passengers and employees.

As part of these upgrades, YLW will also be upgrading the designated smoking area to relocate the shelter and install bike racks.

Airside pavement rehabilitation

Over the next 10 years, YLW will complete airside rehabilitation work to ensure continued operation of the airport.

  • Design and construction will start in 2019 and continue until 2029
  • Upgrades to end-of-life pavement surfaces on the airfield, aprons, taxiways and runway.
Electric vehicle charging stations - Complete

Electric vehicle charging stations are now at YLW.

In June 2019, four new electric vehicle charging stations were installed at the Cell Phone Waiting Area, located off Airport Way.

Two fast charging stations can charge a compact electric vehicle in about a half an hour, as compared to a Level-2 stations that requires about three to four hours. The Level-2 chargers are currently free, and the fast chargers cost $9 per half hour.

Learn more about electric vehicle chargers at YLW.